Creating Accessible Course Materials

Add Subtitles and Closed Captions to YouTube Videos

Add Transcripts to YouTube Videos

Create Accessible PDF From Word for Mac 2011

Create Tactile Images with Everyday Objects

Image Sorting Decision Tree

Make Art More Accessible (as in science figures and illustrations)

Make Documents Accessible

Make Equations Accessible

Make Math Digital-Equatio

Make Old Documents Accessible

Make Online Documents Accessible

Make PDF Files Accessible

Make PowerPoint Lectures Accessible

Make 3D Laser Cut Stratigraphic Audio-responsive Tactile Templates

Multimedia Accessibility Guide

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines-W3C

Links to Accessibility Information

3D Print Your Own Tactile Measuring Tools for the Visually Impaired

8 Good Apps for Visually Impaired Students

AccessCollege: The STEM Lab

Aira Smart Glasses

Apple Accessibility

Book Reading Apps for Individuals with Visual Impairments

Braille Smart Watch

College Guide – Accessibility Apps at End

Colorino – Audible Color Identifier

Create Raised Line Maps

Dos and Don’ts on Designing for Accessibility

eSight Glasses

Google Drive Guides for JAWS and Voiceover

Guidelines for Collegiate Faculty to Teach Mathematics to Students with BVI

Helping Those With Visual Impairments View Scientific Computer Images

Life Science Teaching Resource Community-Mentoring/Working with Students with Disabilities

Low Vision Access in Windows 10

Measuring Devices for Students with Blindness (Braille Caliper)

Microbiology for the Blind

Online Graphing Calculator


Promoting Inclusion and Success for People with Disabilities

Raised Line Printer

Scientist Converts Charts and Graphs to Music to Help Visually Impaired

TapTapSee App – Take picture on mobile device and hear identification

Third Eye

Video Games for individuals with visual impairment

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